Vocal cuts in and out on playback and in wavefile

New Cubase 10 user.
Sometimes i can record guitar and vocal tracks and both playback. Most of the time vocal won’t playback or it cuts in and out. i managed to get one song recorded where both played back and the wave file was fine. When the playback cuts in and out in cubase the wave file will also cut in and out.

I have Steinberg UK22mkII with steinberg ST-M01 mic
Using Windows 10

I’ve seen various posts on this problem, but the solutions don’t seem to help me.

I would appreciate some suggestions on what to look for.

Hi and welcome,

I expect you use some of the factory template.

Make sure, there is no Gain or VSTDxnamics plug-in involved. The signal is probably bellow the gain gate, so it’s muted. Disable/bypass the gate.

Thank you Martin. You are right, I"m using factory defaults. Very new to recording, first time user. Can you help direct me to the gate?

There is a VST-Plug-In shown on the menu bar. Under VST Instruments it shows Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic SE
I don’t use this plug-in, but I may have clicked on one-time when learning about things.

When I open a new project, on the vocal I do a test 123, and press playback, hear the first second then it is gone.

Once in awhile I get a project that will initially not work but after repeated tries, usually by adding a new vocal track, then it works fine.

Any other guidance you can offer?

I have found that the first vocal won’t playback, but any additional vocal tracks will.???

You should do yourself a favor and learning how to do this stuff the proper way, meaning starting a project from scratch. Whatever processing that are going on in the templates will not fit your specific vocal track 100% anyway, there are no such thing as a magic “one size fits them all” in mixing and producing.


Is there VSTDynamics plug-in in use in your project? If yes, remove (or bypass) the whole plug-in. Or open the plug-in GUI and disable the Gate (there is a simple button/led to do so, next to the Gate name).