vocal distortion (clipping-like) with UR22

I am running Cubase 9.5 Artist on a Windows 10 laptop, with the 9.5.50 update (which I run directly after the installation of 9.5).
I recently had to format my laptop it and I reinstalled drivers for UR22, to record vocals with a Sennheiser MK4. I have used the exact same equipment in the past with no problems at all.
I installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB v.2.0.3 driver. Cubase is running fine, and UR22 seems to be functioning all right.
The problem occured while recording voice (singing). It sounds distant and, if the singer sings more loudly to make up for that, distorted, as if the recording volume was too high or clipping. Except the volume is normal, no red flashes at the stereo out mixer bar and the audio waveform is well within boundaries. Sample rate for project and the UR22 is 44.1 KHz (24 bit depth). +48v phantom power for the Sennheiser is activated on the UR22. Microphone level is set at the middle on the UR22. I am also getting audio drop outs (buffer size is 192 samples) - but I am reffing to this only to shed light to the other problem.
I cannot think of what is going wrong. Any ideas???


Either the distortion has been recorded already (then you cannot fix it), for example if the preamp has been distorted, but the recorded level was lowered.

Or you are distorting the signal by using any plug-in (or Channel Strip).

I was only using a reverb insert.
I am not interested in fixing what’s recorded, but to prevent this from happening again!


To make sure it will not happen again, we have to know what happened first.

The distant sound is caused by the Reverb plug-in (this is what Reverb does). And the distortion might be also on the Reverb.

Or it’s not a distortion. Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

Is it audible in the exported mixdown? What happens if you bypass it remove the plug-in?

I made a test with my voice today. It was ok…
I listened again to the fragment under question. Incredibly, it might have to do with the singer’s way of singing itself.
I say incredibly, because the waveform is not even halfway to hit the ceiling, volume level is safe below the red zone, yet the result sounds jumpy (in the sense that it makes you jump in your seat from the effect it has, sonic, emotional or whatever…)
Tommorow I have a session with a different singer. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
Thank you all for the feedback!