Vocal Harmonizer in C6 is that perfect ?

Vocal Harmonizer in C6 is that perfect compared to Hardware Harmonizers , do u need midi like the hardware ??? r there presets ?? so far i seen some bits on the c6 tutor dvd … sounded good… any reviews??


Where do you find the Vocal Harmonizer? I’m pretty sure, there is no native Vocal Harmonizer in the Cubase. VariAudio is pitch tuner, like Antares Autotune, for example. Not harmonizer.


yes it was like a pitch tuner that played back a perfect harmony some where in the the middle of the Dvd tutor that comes with C6 … i definetly heard a perfect harmony there…

You could use the pitchcorrect plugin on a duplicated audio track for that, but you need midi to control it.
Other than that it’s Variaudio like Martin said. This supposedly works great for creating harmonies.
But it’s better to just sing em :wink:

Oh I see, yes, you can use the Pitch Correct plug-in for the Pitch Shifting. You can automate the Transpose value.

So can u route a midi track to trigger harmonies in variaudio ??? How ??

Read the answers you get… Strophoid is talking about the pitch correct plugin, not vari-audio.

Yes, if you want to use Midi, look up the pitch correct plugin in the plugin documentation that comes with Cubase.

Ok I shall do that , so Variaudio dont do harmonies… well i definitely read some more and try it … thanks…s

Variaudio can also do harmonies, just not midi-controlled.

Forgive me Guys … digesting all, slowly … n thanks s

It’s all good, if I’d be annoyed I wouldn’t be here :wink: