Vocal Pitch Correct from Midi file

Hi, I have about 40 individual vocal tracks to tune and they are all singing the same melody. Think three people trying to create a choral effect.

I’m wondering if I can feed Cubase a MIDI file and have Cubase tune the vocals using the midi file as a guide?

That or if anyone has any tips for mass tuning.



You can do this. In VariAudio, set MIDI Reference track.

Hi Martin, I see that you can “show midi reference track” which I didn’t know about and is super helpful! Thanks!

However, I’m wondering is there a way to then have Cubase conform the audio to the midi automaticity?

Something like “match midi”. Does that exist?


You can also enable MIDI Input

Allows you to change the pitch of a segment via MIDI input.

Unfortunately this doesn’t create a virtual MIDI Port but it’s listening All MIDI Inputs. So if you make a MIDI Loop, send the MIDI data out and then back in to Cubase, you should be able to drive the VariAudio from a MIDI track.