Vocal Pitch Editor


I have to admit: I am not yet an owner of cubasis 3.
But I would like to get it.
Unfortunately, I have no experience with cubasis because I use a different program on the PC.
One function I use very often is the manual pitch correction. There the vocals are divided and you can adjust the pitch there for each vocal.
The same function is also available with Audio Evolution.
Is there something like that in Cubasis 3? And if not: Will it be added (even if it costs as an addon) :slight_smile:

For sure. The function is called Transpose and is included in Cubasis. You can find a little tortourial about the functions here:

@schnappyMG thanks :slight_smile: yes i can work with it. Its not perfect but usable.
I google arount cubase and its called VariAudio but its currently not supported for the mobile version.

Hi there,
Have a look at this YouTube video of Waves Tune plugin for Cubasis3, I think this will persuade you to get it will the winter sale is still on😉

@fixitmania53 Just because of the winter sale I ask hehe :smiley:
Real Time Auto Tune is nice but not what I was looking for. VariAudio is what I was looking for but not available.

I’m sorry, I misread your first message and realised…….after I had posted my comment :face_with_peeking_eye:

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