Vocal recording using Control room


I have question about Vocal recording.

i’d like to make vocal recording system like below.


  1. Vocal can hear bypass vocal sound (no any insert, send, etc.) during recording.

  2. Simultaneously, Sound Engineer can hear processed sound (with all insert, send, etc.) during the recording.

Please advise me how i should setup cubase 8 to make above recording system.

For your reference, Audio interface is Echo Layla 3G which has 8 input and 8 output.
Currently, main sound output is out 1,2 of audio interface. And monitoring output for cubase control room is out 7,8 of audio interface.

In addition,
How can i make media bay preview sound goes out through main output (output 1,2) when control room is turned on(output 7,8).

Create a cue channel in the control room settings and route it to the vocalists headphone. Then activated the cue channel rack in the mixer and activate the cue sends of the channels the singer want’s to hear. In the control room mixer you can control the master volume of the cue channel.

Thanks for the advice. But i can’t find the menu for cue channel routing. Where is it?

In Vst-connections -studio.