vocal synthesizer


I’m trying to get a vocal synthesizer, but I think it’s very confusing.

There is Vocaloid 2 3 4, some only in japaneese, some only for Windows, some not for sale in Europe.

Then there is Realtone, Piapro studio and probably more.
Does anyone have experience with any of these programs or other vocal synths?
I’m living in Europe, working on Mac yosemite, my daw is Cubase 8 64 bit.

See my post a couple below yours vstbuzz are giving away some great vsts inclucking a couple of vocal synths - Clara is excellent. Plogue also do an excellent freebe called alter ego https://www.plogue.com/products/alterego/

You could look at this new VST PPG Phonem Plugin, http://wolfgangpalm.com/phonem.html