Vocal tenor parts in XML export

There seems to be something strange happening with exporting tenor (ie singers) parts to xml.

If I export an SATB arrangement with the tenor part correctly notated with an octave-transposing treble clef and then import into Musescore (although it’s exactly the same with Finale) the tenor line displays an octave too high but sounds correct.

Is this a known issue?

I am happy to attach the project file but I can’t see a way to do that.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Welcome to the forum, Michael.

This isn’t specifically a known issue, but I’ve taken a quick look and I can see what’s going on. Dorico is exporting the tenor’s octave clef correctly, but it’s exporting the notes an octave higher than it should. We’ll take a look at this and sort it out.

Perfect. Many thanks for looking into it.

just to be clear, as Dorico correctly reimports its own MusicXML file - in other words it displays and plays back correctly --, you’re saying, Daniel, that it is misreading its own file and should in fact be displaying it an octave higher?

It’s just that this issue occurred in a recent discussion about Cantamus https://forums.steinberg.net/t/vocal-recordings-from-xml-cantamus/813203/81and here, this software indeed played back the tenor line an octave too high but the problem was down to Cantamus and has been resolved in the meantime. So I’m left slightly confused.

Take an SATB score in Dorico and export it as xml. Import the xml into Musescore or Finale. You will see that the tenor part is notated an octave too high.

The issue doesn’t really relate to the previous Cantamus issue.

Dorico has two different types of Tenor: “Sounding an octave lower”, and “Sounds as Written”.

The second of those exports XML an octave too high.

OK - I think that clarifies it, @benwiggy , cheers
I have neither Finale nor Musescore but the Sibelius import was all over the place so didn’t really help.