vocal tracks won't play back properly: Latency?

When I record my vocals: they don’t play back properly! At points when the vocal should start: there is a delay that cuts off syllables and/or entire words I’ve sung. I believe the problem is called “latency”???

It doesn’t matter which cubase template I choose for projects. I’m using a powerful 27 inch iMac with 32mgs of DRAM maxed out. Using the latest version and update of Cubase Artist 9 and latest driver software for the UR22. AND I’m using the latest version of Mac OS Sierra.

What am I doing wrong? Why are the vocal tracks not playing back properly.
any suggestions?
many thanks

Sounds more like there is a Gate on the track.
A latency problem would not cut anything off, it would just mess with your timing.
Anyhow the recording should not be affected, try bypassing any fx both inserts and channelstrip.

Yes! Thank You u seem to have nailed it. It’s the “noise gate” under “strip” that was doing it BUT ALSO the “VST Dynamics” button found under “inserts” has a "GATE/COMPRESSOR/LIMITER that also clips off syllables if it’s turned on I notice!
But I’m still confused! Can you please explain:
What is the difference between the “VST Dynamics” Gate/Compressor/Limiter insert I see under “Inserts”
vs. the “Noise Gate” and “Standard Compressor” buttons I see under “Strip” in the inspector for my vocal track??

Are those just 2 different ways of accessing the same Compressor/Noise Gate?? Is the gate/compressor under VST Dynamics button a different and separate gate?? It’s confusing! What is the purpose of 2 different gates? One under “STRIP” and the other under “inserts”. Any light you could shed on this would be so helpful! Also can you recommend any specific Cubase templates/channel presets for good vocals
Many Thanks!!! Steve