Vocal Transformer, F*ck-upper & chord / arpeggio plugs


I’m looking for three things:

  1. Plugs that will do extreme transformation to voices. The more varied, the better.

  2. Plugs that have ways of (preferably easily with good presets) randomly fucking up audio and or midi. Especially making organic stuff go data/twisted/warped. And also cut it up and throw around parts to create new patterns etc. Doesn’t need to be all functions in one!

  3. Plugs that will play around with chords and arpeggio, similarly to Jammer in Box of tricks by SonicCouture.

Thanks so much


For that part I can recommand Xfer Cthulhu https://www.xferrecords.com/products/cthulhu … a great plugin you can demo before buy !

Hope it’s what you’re lookin for :wink:

Whats wring with chord track/assistant for mucking around with chords?