Vocal transpose - basic question

Hello everybody,

I have a vocal track just simply to test 4 semitones higher transpose (in the info bar at the top 4 semitones increases). It sounds like Mickey Mouse … therefore unusable. Sure there are any feature that I’ve overlooked because Cubase can safely Transposing audio that it is “natural” sounds (to a limited extent, of course).

I wanted to be here for a voice over. But since this currently brings my range to its limits, was my idea to transpose the song with the Transpose function 4 halftones deeper temporarily, which voice to sing, and then transpose back up to the correct pitch. But the voice must not be like Mickey Mouse.

How is this the correct way of working, or where can I change?

Many greetings


I have never been able to move a vocal more than 1 -2 semitones, at most without unacceptable artifacts. I use VariAudio.

There are preference settings you can choose amongst to perhaps make it sound better, different transposition algorithms.

What preference menü do you mean? I can’t find a menü about audio transpose algorithms…

Try the Formant option. This will reduce (although not completely solve) the Mickey Mouse effect.

Vocal transposition usually sounds better when preserving formants. A quick search turned this up as explanation: http://blogs.zynaptiq.com/bernsee/formants-pitch-shifting/

So, If you use Audio>Process>Pitch Shift>Poly Complex Formant
…you should get better results.

I also suggest you copy your audio first, so that you can trial various settings without risking your original recording

My apologies, as Parrotspain pointed out, it’s not a preference, it’s in the Audio Menu. It’s been so long since I tried that and went there that I forgot.

(And to amplify on his also excellent suggestion to copy the audio first … don’t forget to “Make Real Copy”: Key Command>Edit>Convert to Real Copy)