Vocal transposing and time stretching


I’m looking for a good way to transpose vocals and preserve the voice and get as close as possible to the vocals sounding like it was sung just lower or higher. It feels like it could be done pretty well if it’s just 2 or 3 semi notes? I feel like Transpose function in Cubase is maybe not the optimal way to do this.

Also I’m looking for the best way to time stretch vocals. Which plug and algorithm to use etc?

Also a general question, do I ever lose quality if time streching and audio file (maybe not the right term) to faster bpms? I mean the opposite of streching it out. Say I have to change the project from 116 to 126 bpm…

Thanks a lot

You might not have it depending on your version of Cubase.

But Variaudio and audio warp is what you’re looking for.