vocal tuning question

Is there any way to change the VariAudio settings to see vibrato as part of the note? If I work with a singer with a wide vibrato their vibrato often come out as a group of notes.


You can glue the events to one.

This is true but Melodyne already does that for you so with Variaudio that would be another tedious step.

Is that a nice way of saying the singer never hits a note anywhere close to what it should be? :laughing:

Anyway, that just made me chuckle a bit. Carry on …


I record a singer with a wide vibrato which often shows as two sets of “notes” above and below the mean point. I find that if I grab the notes above and pull them down a bit and trend the notes below up, I can calm and control the extremes to be more “musical”. It’s fast and effective. In my opinion, a better result than joining the bits together and then flattening out the tuning as only the extreme pitch deviations are modified.

That’s a good point. You do have more control that way. I like both Variaudio and Melodyne and they each have their strengths and weaknesses. But at this point Variaudio works more easily inside of Cubase, in my experience.