Vocal Waveform too small

Any assistance appreciated…I’m running Cubase 9, using an Apollo Twin, UAD Neve Preamp plugin, Warm Audio U87 Microphone.

After recording vocals, the vocal waveform is too small and vocals are not loud enough (i.e. the recording input level is too low).

What I’ve tested so far: Contacted Universal Audio (UAD) and the Apollo unit is working properly. Also tested different microphones, different cables, different pre-amps…all have not solved the problem. I’ve also tried turning up the pre-amps.

This is something that just started to occur. Not sure if I’ve inadvertently changed some setting in Cubase?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Now if the recording input level is too low (what is „too low“ in dBFS?) you need to raise the preamp gain.
What happened when you „tried turning up the pramps“
If only the waveform is „too small“, you can raise that with the waveform zoom.
If you have not lowered the input channel fader in Cubase, or any gain on input channel or audio track in Cubase, it is in your interface or the UAD plugin. What levels do you get in the plugin?

Thanks for your reply. I spoke with the Universal Audio technical department today and after a thorough review/testing it turns out my Apollo Twin MKII is not working properly (diminished pre-amp gain).

Only a year and a half old, so very disappointing (not covered by 1 year warranty etc.). UAD advised they will do nothing, up to me to get it repaired.

That is bad news… :open_mouth: