Vocalign Issues in Cubase 12

I’ve tried every variation of using vocalign to align two tracks together, this was seamless in Cubase 11 but it seems the functionality is broken in 12 or that I’m doing something wrong? I keep getting “VocAlign could not do this because … Either no Guide has been selected or VocAlign could not access the selected Guide. Please make sure you have added VocAlign (ARA) to the guide’s track.”

Hi @scooterfort !

I’m interested in this because I use RevoicePro (Vocalign’s big brother), and will eventually get to C12 Pro.

If you wind up contacting SynchroArts to get an answer back to your question, would you please post back if they say there’s some incompatibility between C12 and their products?

Thank you!

Hey @alexis

So I spoke with SynchroArts and it seems it was a compatibility issue specifically with VocAlign Project 3. They recommend I upgrade to Project 5 and that did the trick for me! No issues. RevoicePro is newer so I would assume it won’t be problematic, either

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Hi @scooterfort -

Thanks for the follow up, and glad it’s working great for you now!