Vocalign Made Easy in Nuendo

Just curious,
I use Vocalign quite a bit, and do not find it at all easy to use. I was curious if there is a plan to incorporate such a function. Anyone else use Vocalign?

Using it pretty often.
And yes, it’s not the most straightforward workflow, but once you get the hang of it, it works well.


If only the industry could adopt ARA…

So… what is your workflow Fredo?

Bye / Tumppi

i just use the vst3 sidechain to feed it, i dont reckon there is a more streamlined way at the moment. i do however get quicker than that on shorter passes with some lightspeed keycommand-driven editing.

I love the end result when done correctly, but this is the only plugin that I need to write notes down and talk to myself, reciting the process, so I don’t accidentally bounce down the wrong track. Lol.

I hope Nuendo creates an easy version of Wave Alignment; heck that can even be the name for it!

Which version of vocalign do you guys use? For a new license there is almost no difference in cost between vocalign pro and revoice pro. Do any of you prefer revoice pro? I downloaded the demo version of revoice pro and the workflow is definitely pretty clunky.

It would sure be nice if someone would open up this work flow a bit. I´m about to need it first time in Nuendo. In pro tools I´ve used it plenty.

Bye / Tumppi

Vocalign Pro4 here …


Is this workflow thing some kind of business secret? Or am I just invisible :open_mouth:

Bye / Tumppi

Vocalign certainly isn’t anywhere near as fast to use in Nuendo as it is in PT. I would love to see that workflow implemented in Nuendo.

Nevermind. Found the solution my self. Not as good as in PT.
As N6 adr is so good a vocalign like feature build in in Nuendo would make Nuendo absolutely No1 tool for dialog work. Even hardest PT religious pros would have to admit it then. Come on SB…

Re voice pro here.