Vocalign Trial

Just a new product reportlet here: I tried the demo of the Vocalign standalone version over the weekend ( http://www.synchroarts.com/index.php?PAGEID=products&ID=vocalign-project ), it worked very well. I had two passages where the lead vocal did a multi-note melisma that was off the timing grid. The backing voice was sung kind of close to the lead, but not close enough.

On the two of these that I tried, it worked quite well. If I listen I think it might not perfect, but to be honest, it sounds not only loads better than the original, but pretty darn good. And it worked pretty quickly, even though I’d never used it before, a lot quicker than I know it would take me to do it “by hand” in Cubase 6.5. If I could get it done to this level of completion at all like that.

I’ve used the SLD music method since he showed how http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=262258&sid=448cb22f9d52ec7913e49a7620ca99c1 (Hi SLD!) , but this would have been too hard for me to use that as as: a) it was off the grid, and b) there were multiple quick notes in succession, I found it hard to line things up.

SLD, if you’re reading this - your awesome youtube http://youtu.be/iTakW8_vL5c shows how to do it in two windows, but if I could ask: how do you line up events that happen in the middle of the audio, where it’s sometimes hard by looking at the waveform to tell where the “lining up” point is?