vocaloid 4.2.1 for cubase won't load

Anybody had this experience? Just bought Yamaha Vocaloid 4 for use with PowerFX’ Ruby. First installed Ruby and activated it. Then did the same with Vocaloid 4 and run the update 4.2.1. Running Cubase 8.0.35. The same situation with Cubase 8.5 BTW. Updated and checked all my Windows 7 64bit Sp1 and C++ files, especially 2012 both x64 and x89 as it seems to be important for this Vocaloid according Yamaha. Yamaha support has not responded sofar …


PS Cubase pro 8.0.35 doesn’t exit properly after this situation, you’ll need task manager in windows to shut Cubase down.

regards, F

Hurray, it has been fixed, got a mail from yamaha vocaloid support:

  1. Download and install “windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe” if you have not applied Service Pack 1.

  2. Download and install VSU4/vcredist_x86.exe (32-bit VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase)
    or VSU4/vcredist_x64.exe (64-bit VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase).

  3. Apply the newest Windows Update. (KB2670838 is most required)

  4. Restart the computer.

  5. Run the installer of VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase,
    select [Repair] in InstallShield Wizard.

(step 5 was not needed in my case BTW)



Glad you got it sorted.

I would just like your thoughts on Vocaloid 4 for Cubase, is it worth buying?


Well, you need to develop skills in using phonemics and there’s other also time consuming filtering and pitching stuff involved. Some do a great job, but to achieve some thing like this The winner takes it all - [VOCALOID 3 Sweet Ann] - YouTube you’ll have to be an expert. PS i want to use it for harmony vocals and so far got two songs on the road where no one complained and told me “it sounds like a computer” so far … F