Vocaloid - Dreamtonics Synthesizer V and lyrics

Hey forum,

Does anyone have any experience working with Dreamtonics Synthesizer V vocaloid plugin with Dorico? Its kinda shockingly ok for demos but I wish there was a nicer way to combine with Dorico (or any other DAW for that matter).

Synthesizer V lets you import midi and midi with lyrics, which I can’t get Dorico to export.
It also doesn’t seem to import dynamics or expression, unfortunately.

This would be a pretty incredible combo, if it worked somehow together for vocal demos.
For now you have to export midi from Dorico, import it into Synthesizer V and then manually enter in all dynamics, lyrics and anything else to make it less robotic, but the results are great for demos.

'tis the way it’s always been with Vocaloid. I seem to remember that there was a VST with Vocaloid II, but it didn’t work very well.

To answer the question, no I haven’t; I used to do the export routine with Finale. Finale > Sonar, then Sonar MIDI > Vocaloid, then taking the audio file generated by Vocaloid and importing it to the Sonar file. I think I did the same thing once or twice with Dorico – same process, but with Cubase; I only have version III of Vocaloid.

I’m not sure if the dreamtonic version is the same as the Yamaha.

This one works surprisingly well. The interface is a bit of a mess and documentation pretty weak but its surprisingly not bad as an AI corrected singing voice. There is only one of their ‘voices’ that’s set for English, Kevin, and it does fairly well and is fairly programmable. I think, if I could get past the interface and lack of manual…

If it’s backwards compatible, there are a few other English voices around. In v.3 I’ve got Lily, BigAl, Prima, Bruno and Clara. Prima (originally in v.2) was supposed to be an operatic soprano, which is why I bought it. One of my more disappointing purchases.

I took a quick look at the Yamaha version, it does look different from the Dreamtonics one, including different ‘singer’ profiles.

But similar issues, you have to import midi files. But midi files with lyrics embedded show up with the lyrics, which makes it a bit faster. Too bad Dorico can’t export lyrics in a midi export.