Vocaloid For Cubase 7 Questions

I went to this site because I don’t read Japanese.


Not a lot of info. I don’t see any buy links or anything.

Really want to get this to add to my Cubase arsenal but this has train wreck written all over it. I have no idea if this works in Cubase or, for that matter, if it’s even available yet.

Is there anybody here who uses this in Cubase and knows anything about its availability and operation. The Vocaloid site itself is of very little help.

Well at the top it says “Coming to the U.S. in 2015” which kind of implies it ain’t here yet.

And yes it will work in Cubase (and also without). That is very explicitly stated on the page you linked to - it even describes how it will work. There will be 2 editors available for purchase, one of which is integrated with Cubase.

I’m surprised (but pleased) it’s coming to USA. I have version 3 of the Vocaloid Editor for Cubase. I had to purchase it through the gray market since it was never officially available in North America. It integrates seamlessly into Cubase 7, 7.5, and 8. If you are a Cubase user this is definitely the way to go.

The main thing that sucks about the Vocaloid for Cubase v3 is that although the program interface defaults to English, there is no English documentation. If they every release the 4.0 version in North America, I imagine we’ll finally have a manual.

Thanks for the replies. The more I’m reading about Vocaloid the more I’m convinced that this is a train wreck I don’t want any part of. The technology is still relatively archaic and even though some of the demos I’ve heard sound decent, the reports of bugs and other problems are just making me want to wait until things are smoothed out a little, if they ever are.

If I could sing, I wouldn’t even be considering this software, but my voice is horrible and even a “meh” vocaloid sounds better than me as at least it’s on pitch.

Not entirely sold on the technology but am still considering it and will probably give it a go in the near future.

Well you could use the pitch correction in Cubase. Or even just talk-sing the lyrics and then drag them to the melody in the sample editor.

The only real substitute for a singing human voice is another human singing. The computer speech technology we hear today is sample based and sounds much better than synthesized speech (and even then it’s obvious Siri isn’t real). And synthesized singing is much more difficult than speech because of pitch and length variations. Still it is pretty amazing Yamaha can do this quality at all. These are more for special effects or to make purposefully non-human sounding vocals.

I have a couple of the 1st and 2nd generation Vocaloid titles and they were a real pain to use since you had to enter the lyrics phonetically. But their phonetic alphabet did not match what was in any dictionary I had - very difficult to find the right sound at times.

I’m writing a theater piece with lots of vocal parts well outside of what I can sing. But I’ve been mocking them up using Sound Iron’s sampled singers. You only get vowel sounds (or phrases which I don’t need) so you can’t get words. But at least I can hear how the vocal lines sound and fit together. Some times I pretend they are singing in some mysterious unknown language. :laughing: But their samples do sound good.

I see that Vocaloid for Cubase is finally available for purchase in the US. The site says that there is a 30 day risk free trial but I don’t see any way of downloading a trial version.

Can somebody help me here?