Vocaloid for Mac

Hi Gang!

I’ve been looking for information as to where I may be able to attain more info and/or a download link for the Cubase Vocaloid for Mac but I keep coming up with blanks.

I’ve searched the forum here and found bits and pieces of information but nothing really informative regarding where I might attain a trial version, purchase or anything. I’m certain there is somewhere that I may attain the plugin and especially being that it is owned by Yamaha, but I cannot find anything.

I know that the technology is mostly popular in Japan BUT I also know that Yamaha released a version for Cubase; and more specifically for the Mac OS X operating system. I’ve even viewed videos on YouTube where the plugin is demonstrated within Cubase, although in Japanese. :frowning:

Anyone can help me out on this??


AFAIK I don’t think that the Yamaha “Vocaloid 4 Editor for Cubase” is available for Mac.
If you have a look at the description of the product at yamaha.com there is no mention of Mac, only Windows.

The description of the “Vocaloid 4 Editor” at the Vocaloid Store does not mention either Mac but Windows only.

On the other hand several Vocaloid Banks are available with another Vocaloid editor than the Yamaha one, and they are Mac compatible.
For example “Megurine Luka V4X” comes with “Piapro Studio” which is a vst that works with Windows as well as with Mac
You can get “Megurine Luka” at Big Fish Audio:

BTW if you are really interested into Vocaloid you will have to live with the fact that some of the products, though in some way at the end available, are not so easily available as other Music Software.

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Hey, thanks for the reply teacue!

Actually, I had the same impression until I started seeing links like these:

At Amazon, see the supported OS and it lists Mac OS X

Also Wikipedia. Look to the right for a quick reference of supported Operating Systems although it is also mentioned in the history of the product

Then in a final effort to find if the software was available anywhere… you guessed it, Ebay

Which also says that it is supported on Mac, although I haven’t seen anything that specifically states that anything above 10.9 is supported.

Could it be that Megurine Luka V4X which you mentioned is also part of the Vocaloid4 series specifically made for Mac’s???

I’m really new to this technology so I don’t want to shell out bucks experimenting for a product that may not deliver as expected.

I can accept the current state of rare availability but not wasting time and money.

Yes, indeed, looking at the picture on the cover, one can see MAC/PC!
So what do I know? :wink:

I made some further search and found this notice on the download page of Megpoid 3 and The Vocaloid 4 Editor that I bought as a starter pack:

This VOCALOID4 Editor does not support Macintosh. If you would like to use Megpoid English Library in Macintosh, you should prepare the each of following software that supports Macintosh separately by yourself.

a) Steinberg: “Cubase 8 or 7 seriaes” and “VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase” or “VOCALOID Editor for Cubase NEO”
b) Cripton Future Media: “Piapro Studio(VST/AU Plugin)” and your favorite DAW software supporting VST or AU Plugins

So it looks as if indeed the Vocaloid Editor 4 for Cubase works with Mac too.
Sorry for the false information.
I do not understand though why it is not mentioned on the Yamaha page!

I can’t answer your second question concerning Megurine Luka.

A suggestion, some members on KVR forum do have the Vocaloid 4 Editor for Cubase, I don’t know if they use the Mac or the Windows version but you could try to pm them and ask for details:

Post 1 and 3 from this page:

Post 3 from this thread:

Post 1 of this thread:

Best regards

Yes, indeed, looking at the picture on the cover, one can see MAC/PC!
So what do I know?

Your response is very much appreciated, that’s what I know. :wink:

I do not understand though why it is not mentioned on the Yamaha page!

I have been asking the same question since I started delving in to acquire more information. The Vocaloid seems analogous to “some ancient Asian secret” that information is available for but you have to do an extreme lot of digging to get the facts together. Before I actually started spending more time to acquire information, most of the information I acquired suggested and even stated in most cases that Vocaloid was not supported on Mac.

The other disturbing thing is that historically Yamaha and Steinberg have always “seemed” to work together for most of their product releases. For example, I have absolutely no problems acquiring information and support for my XF8 and Cubase; and I can readily find information regarding their compatibility, support and etc.

So why Steinberg isn’t providing any information regarding the Vocaloid packaged by Yamaha or vica versa is a mystery to me.

It is also somewhat of a deterrent for anyone in the US including myself considering purchase of the product because what I found clearly stated support under Cubase 7 and 8; so what about the inevitable Cubase 9?

If it’s this difficult to get information now, will I potentially be up the creek if I decided to upgrade to Cubase 9? I’d likely have no way of knowing except to try it and see; which is not the most effective way to determine compatibility between products.

So my conclusion so far is apparently neither Steinberg nor Yamaha seem to want nor offer much support for the Vocaloid product to the US, if any; or maybe in general, consumers outside of Asia. The product is obviously only sold out Japan from what I can tell. Who made that decision is beyond me and it’s very curious as to why.

I will follow your suggestion to hit the KVR forum to see if I can get a better grip on the subject, but it doesn’t seem very promising at this point.

Thanks Teacue!