Vocaloid Pro 4 in C8

interested in getting this. Pin Pro Tools it looks like a snap to use in audiosuite. The Cubase set up looks hugely convoluted in comparison, using sidechains, bouncing back out etc. Is there any other way of using it directly onto a clip a la audiosuite, rather than as an insert effect? Ta.

I don’t know but I looked at this and was wondering the same thing. A thought popped into my head that perhaps if Celemony’s ARA (Audio Random Access) became an industry standard for allowing third party control of audio tracks within DAWs then they could use that. And also things like VocAlign could use it as well.


I use Vocaloid 4 and quite frankly it is a terrible experience overall. I can’t make it work as a plugin in Cubase and it does not even recognize my AES16e cards… In fact I don’t think it knows anything about ASIO.

The user interface is terrible and unreliable. No fun to use which is too bad because if the user experience was better it would be a riot.

Just my opinion of course…