Vocaloid4 Editor for Cubase?


Anyone running Vocaloid4 Editor for Cubase in Cubase 9

Any problems?


I am using it and it is generally OK except for a few issues such as the singer resetting to the first singer on the singer list when cutting/pasting midi segments (in the cubase editor). The other thing is you have to edit lyrics for all voclaoid instances separately which is a pain. That being said, its way better than editing outside of cubase so I am actually pretty chuffed overall.

Works fine for me.

I found that if I enter lyrics in the Score Editor they will transfer into the Vocaloid Editor. However initially it will interpret everything as the default vowel. But if you go in and ‘edit’ the text for the first note but don’t change anything (i.e. open the editing field, leave the text as is & then hit enter) it will re-interpret the text for the whole song. Sometimes this will fail part way through. If it does just do another faux-edit at that point. Syllables that extend over multiple notes can confuse it.


Thanks Guys much appreciated.