Vocals only playback in Sample Editor

Hello, I am super new and innocent (ignorant) to cubase.
Using Steinberg UR 22 mk II interface and Windows 10.
I set up my VST Connections for Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Mic and specified corresponding inputs for both. I ensured that the outputs are set up as well.
In the New Project screen I set up the Guitar Mic and Vocal Mic accordingly. I am able to record and playback the acoustic guitar track but not the Vocal Mic track.
When I sing i see the waveforms indicating it is recording ann when I double click it will open to the Sample Editor, where I DO hear the vocals, but not on the main project screen.
I only know of the M to mute and the S for solo, neither of these are checked.
Not sure where to look next, I would appreciate any help.
Thank you!


Make sure, the Monitor button (speaker) is switched Off, while you are playback.

Could you send a screenshot of the project window? Maybe, we will just see it immediately, and not guessing.