Vocoder - fact or fiction?

I use C6.0.7 and am intrigued by the history of vocoder’s and Cubase. However, my research hasn’t really helped. :open_mouth:
Is there an effective Vocoder VST plugin for Cubase 6 still available?

The legacy Cubase vocoder can still be used with C6 and C7.

It should be available from the steinberg FTP.

Thanks for this. I’ve taken a look on the FTP download section of the main Steinberg site and can’t see a Legacy Vocoder anywhere! Is it hiding somewhere? :confused:


Anyone got a link?

TIA (thanks in advance)


That seems to work. Thank you so much. :smiley:

Really? Because it takes me to an empty directory. :confused:

There is a Vocoder.dll in there alright. :slight_smile:

Aloha guys,

It was hard to get into the site but once in I did find it under:

Additional Cubase SX Plugins/Others/vocoder.vst

And as was posted by Elektrobolt :

There is a Vocoder.dll in there alright.

HTH (hope this helps)

Nice! Now I have my own copy of Magneto as well!

Hey guys, thanks for the links. But something weird is going on because all I get is an empty directory, no dll or any other file. See the attached screen grab.

OK, I figured out what is happening, but I’m still giving it extra weird points. :confused:

My default browser is Chrome but I tried opening the link with Firefox and sure enough there is the dll. Poking around a bit it looks like Chrome can’t display any of the Legacy content.

Heard that before, Chrome and the steiny FTP don’t seem to cooperate very well.

Thank you so much. I couldn’t find the vocoder with the Chrome browser, but my almost forgotten Internet Explorer could show me the files I needed.

Chrome looks into the files you’re trying to read, and if they’re considered a ‘security risk’, it won’t show them. Same thing happens with Nord synth files, which have a Nord extension but are essentially .zip. They can only be downloaded as .zip with Chrome and Safari. Big Brother is thinking for you… :sunglasses:

Well that’s interesting. Doesn’t seem to be any setting to turn that behavior off either.

A little late to the party here, but does anyone else have issues with this plugin being blacklisted by cubase? Any work arounds?