VOG / Z-Axis Speaker

Hi all,

I’m sure there is an obvious solution I just don’t see ATM:

I’m working in an Auro 3D-environment without top-center speaker, a.k.a. “5.1.4”. Like layed-out in the original Auro 3D-concept (-> https://www.auro-3d.com/system/concept/) I want to integrate the 3rd speaker layer (“Voice-of-god (VOG)” = overhead ceiling resp. “Z-axis” speaker).

Which output format do I choose in Nuendo do address all these speakers by means of the standard channel panner? 8-/ The Auro-flavours offered by Nuendo don’t seem to cover this setup - or do they?

TIA for any info.

Hi Dietz,

Only the 10.0 - 11.1 and 13.1 formats have the VOG speaker included.
So I think you’ll need the Top Center speaker too, if you want to make use of the VOG. (T)

In our room it just works fine, The panner allows you to pan any track to any position within the sound field.
When i pan (using the High level only) front to back, the signal passes through the VOG (T), as it was a mid-center speker.


Thanks for the answer, Fredo*)! That’s what I was suspecting … 8-/

… I will do experiments in a 10.1 setup with the Top Center switched off in the Panner; maybe this does the trick.

*) BTW: Hi! Long time no hear! :wink:

You know you still have an open invitation to come and visit us!

We have a very nice Auro and Atmos room.
And … in our TV mixing room, we still have the HD1 surround setup.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Fredo (and all) -

Thanks for the friendly reminder! As a matter of fact I haven’t been to Belgium since quite some time, but I’ll gladly follow this invitation as soon as I’ll get there again! :slight_smile:

I gave Nuendo’s Auro-3D-setups another shot - actually its 10.1-variant, strictly speaking. What still disturbs me is that there seem to be no differentiation in Nuendo’s Panner between second and third layer. :-/ While I can indeed do a “fly over”-like movement (i.e. center (1st) / (phantom) center top front (2nd) / VOG (3rd) / (phantom) center top rear (2nd) / (phantom) center surrounds (1st)), I can’t do this properly when the same movement starts hard left or hard right: In those cases, the panner will still go through the VOG speaker.

… while I could accept that to some extent in the case of those aforementioned “fly overs”, I can’t understand why I can’t do a simple circular movement in the second layer as soon as a VOG / 3rd layer is present: The front/rear-pans will always touch the VOG now, which is of course quite disturbing.

How am I expected to deal with that? Do I always have to switch off the VOG in the panner for circular movements in the second layer? (… as I just found out, this in fact is an automatable parameter :sunglasses: …).