Voice and Instrument Lead Sheet Protocol w/Capo

I make lead sheets for students that will be playing a guitar or ukulele and singing. These are for beginner players, so there is very rarely any single-note notation for the instrument, and always a melody for the voice. My standard template uses voice for the melody, with added chord symbols and/or diagrams.

Now that there is the capability to show capo chords and transpositions, I notice that I can’t use my template, because I can’t apply capo adjustments to a voice. I can simply change the instrument to the ukulele/guitar, but then the ranges don’t match the vocal range. It is a minor annoyance, but I could set up a template that way so that I can apply capo adjustments where appropriate.

Are these my two choices, or is there some other way of creating a piece of music where it is understood that both instruments exist and are sounding, but they share the same staff in the finished layout?

I hope this makes sense, and apologies if the answer is right in front of me. Thanks for any advice.

If you are only using the capo for chord symbols/diagrams, rather than for single-note notation, then you can already do this. In setup mode, select the Player for your vocal line, then right-click and choose Chord Symbols > Capo Chord Symbol Definition. This allows you to set the capo for the chord symbols (and diagrams) even though the Player itself doesn’t have a fretted instrument.