Voice changes to other staff

Very often I encounter the following problem, with three voiced pieces (and there are many of them for carillon, or harpsichord).
There is the soprano, as UpVoice1 in the upper staff, and the bass as Downvoice1 in the lower staff, the third (middle) voice is divided between upper and lower staff.
When using XML files as input to shorten the note-inputting phase, most of the time this middle voice is divided in two voices, namely DownVoice1 upper, and UpVoice1 lower, like in this example:
Blue is upvoice1 from upper staff, red downvoice1
Green is upvoice 1 from lower staff, purple downvoice1
I have not yet found a way to conveniently change the voices between different staffs!
Is there a way to directly change the green notes (upvoice1 lower staff) to join the red ones (downvoice1 upper staf), or vice versa?

Are you trying to move the green notes to the upper staff (when changing their color) or just to have them play from the same track in Play mode?

The final result must be like this:
I want to change the 4 voices which Dorico uses to the 3 voices what they are in musical reality.
In order to achieve this I now select the green notes (with filters), move them to the upper staff (then they are together with the blue ones in 1 voice) and after that change them to down-voice1, whihc are the red ones, and finally cross them back to the lower staff.
This is a lot of work, and I was wondering if there is a more direct way.
You can change voices only in one staff it see,s, but here I need to change from upvoice1 in lower staff to downvoice1 in upper staff.
Playback is of no concern to me.

One should be able to choose just the green notes,
press ALT/OPT + N to move
and then press V to shift the voice.
Just two key-presses after selection (which may be possible by selecting all and using Edit > Filter).

Try it on a copy of your file.

Almost, because after that there is still the M to press to cross again to the lower staff.
But thanks for the “Shift Voice” with keypress V, that really speeds thing up compared to the mousemenu change voice!
As long as it are key-presses, that is much better than mouse clicks. I will try to put it as a Multi-Action thing on the new Stream Deck I have acquired!

Also try “Use optical spacing for beams between staves” in Layout Options > Note Spacing. This improves for example the space after the one cross-staff note in the screenshot in post #3.

Yes thanks! That also makes a difference, not huge, but certainly much nicer!
From now on I will keep that on as a default, I mostly work for one instrument.