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Hello Community.

What’s the best way to change a man’s voice (mine) into a woman’s voice in Cubase? Can I just use VariAudio for the job or do I need another plug-in? I know the results won’t be amazing, I just need it for demo purposes so that my client and I can choose which track to go with.


You need to shift the formant, maybe but not necessarily take the pitch up an octave.

In C6 the pitch correct plug in can do it after a fashion - set it so that the pitch isn’t quantised at all, switch formant preservation off and raise the shift.

There is also free vst plug in called KeroVee which does a similar thing, try the preset: Male to Female

Warning: The results are likely to be more hilarious than useful.


Thanks Parrotspain,

Yeah, I’m aware it’ll probably sound ridiculous, but I’ll try it for demo purposes. I will take a look at KeroVee.


Making a woman sound more like a man with formants is a lot easier than making a man sound like a woman. There is more to singing like a woman than pitch and formants. Women sing a little less throaty, a little more breathy on average passages. They aren’t as gutteral - consanants are a little softer. Also, men trying to sound like women often overdo the whole feminine vibe. The differences are most often very, very subtle, yet obvious to all listeners. It’s extremely difficult to pull off unless your voice (and psyche) is built that way. There are a few male singers who naturally sound feminine. That helps a lot.

Maybe also try pitching it down a half step before singing, then pitch everything, including the vocal back up that half step afterwards.

Just shifting formants up will immediately make you sound like a chipmunk.

Not trying to say you shouldn’t do it, just trying to set you in the right frame of mind.

What’s wrong with chipmunks? Not enough media exposure? :laughing:

TC Helicon has products that do this too. I’ve got a VoiceOne, an old product, it has updated versions. OK for demo purposes.

Thanks for the advice and comedy, guys. :smiley:

i have a song where i raised my voice an octave and lowwered it an octave,
then blended them with my normal vocals…everybody is amazed when
they hear it …haha it was a vst plugin, but i dont remember which one.

Ask Chastity Bono!

OK, here’s a real answer: Page 38 of the Plug In Reference that came with C6 - Pitch Correct >> Formant >> Optimize >> General-Male-Female.

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