Voice color versus selected notes color


I’m engraving some complex piano music and really need to turn voice colors on for my convenience. I find the orange a bit confusing though: it indicates a voice as well as the selected notes. Is there a way to customize this? Or perhaps this is an idea for a future update? (not necessarily the customizing, but another color for that particular ‘orange’ voice) :bulb:

There’s currently no way to customise this.


As a workaround you can change the “orange” voice to a new voice (with the same stem direction).

  1. Click in a note that belongs to the orange voice and see in the status bar wich voice that is (up-stem voice 1 for example).
  2. Select all (ctrl+A)
    3.Edit / Filter / Voices / hier select your orange voice. (“Select only” have to be selected and not “deselect only”)
    4.Edit / Voices / Change to a new voice (up or down stem accordingly to your orange voice)
    5.Dorico will choose a diferent color for the new voice.

That might only be a temporary solution, because when you close the project Dorico removes any unused voices, and the voice colours might change.

True, but it might make editing that voice easier for that one session.