Voice colour

This is only happening in very rare situations:
Sometimes, e.g. in Divisi, one voice colour is orange, as you can see in example one:

When I select the first system and filter upstem voice 1, it is hard to tell, which notes are selected:

(only upstem voice 1 in this picture)

I would prefer, if Dorico would leave out orange as a voice colour.

IIRC, as currently configured, Dorico chooses its color sequence from the pattern of a “color wheel,” so skipping over a particular color would be problematic, although it would certainly be very helpful.

(How many voices does one need to have before orange becomes the next color? Eight? Just wondering. That’s a very colorful trumpet layout and must sound amazing when each has separate pitches.)

The OP use case certainly seems reasonable to me…

Dear fellow Doricians,
I certainly hate it when I have voices in orange… And it happens quite a lot in the mélodies works I’m handling now. So yes, I’d love to get rid of orange as a voice colour too. Or pushed further in the colour wheel (right now, it comes as my fifth or sixth colour in the piano grand staff).

I’ll talk to Anthony about this, but I believe it wouldn’t be trivial to change.