Voice Column and Disappearing Dots in 2.1

Hello All–
I think I have discovered a wee glitch. I also want to call into question two other default behavior and you can educate me if they are correct (they very well may be and I just don’t know it.)

I decided to do my own engraving or an organ toccata by Denis Bédard so I could format it onto 11x17 paper to make easier page turns. At the very end of the work, there are long sustained dotted whole notes tied together with dotted half and dotted whole notes punctuating the middle voices.

Image 1 shows the final chord. The Low/High 'F’s are in voice 1, while the A & C are in voice 2. By default, they display out of alignment which strikes me as odd as these are stemless notes in 3rds which should align as a neat chord.
(As an aside, I’ve also placed a box around two chords. I’m wondering why Dorico decides to put one on the left and another on the right?)

In an effort to fix the alignment of the final chord, I forced the A&C into voice column 0. This produces the desired alignment HOWEVER, Dorico mysteriously drops the dots from the A.

(As a second aside, I’m also curious why, as shown in image 2, the dots are aligned for one chord and not for the other.)

Ignoring my two tangential points, it does seem that there is a glitch causing some dots to disappear after changing the voice column, even if the default alignment is correct.

I will also add that “rhythm dot consolidation” was NOT activated.

The easy way to fix the score is probably to put all four notes of the final chord in the same voice, but the bug (or feature) is still worth an explanation!

Rob, you are definitely right. I had entered things according to their component parts, but I did double check and enter it all in “one chord” in the first voice and the dots and ties all appear correctly.

Besides the problem with the dots, in the third-last bar, left-hand staff, the positioning of the accidentals in the downstem voice is very poor. A flat should not cut through a ledger line.

The reason for the difference in the alignment of the two chords in the second full bar pictured between the RH and LH staves is the octave. I agree that it looks like a small bug when you force those two voices into the same voice column in the final bar, but there’s no good reason to do so since you can achieve better results using a single voice.

Agreed. That was the default output. I changed it to be like the chord above it.

Indeed. What’s odd is that it does it to one note (the A) but not the other. At any rate, this was a little learning moment for me; rather, it was a reminder that sometimes what is “correct” and what produces the desired result can be at odds. This instance probably doesn’t even qualify as a “workaround”. It’s a good reminder to just do what gets the desired effect (not unlike using glissando lines without text to indicate voice leading even though I don’t actually want a gliss…)