Voice Command Assistant For Cubase (Windows)

Hi there folks, I am new on here but recently there seems to be lots of questions on Social Media regarding V.C.A (Voice Command Assistant) for Cubase on Windows.
I would like to clarify what it actually is and does:

I originally created VCA for those that are less fortunate physically in a studio environment, however VCA is great for new producers that cannot remember or know certain keyboard shortcuts. I programmed in most of the shortcuts from the Steinberg online manual with several additions such as the ability to enter any tempo between 50 - 190 with your voice.

VCA does not control plugins, this is something I would like but it would require a software developer to create VCA from the ground up, I did have the interest of one software developer but since went dark, probably creating it themselves on the back of my idea lol…

VCA requires VoiceAttack to work.

You can download the manual from my website on the VCA page for a list of commands at www.PhatMonkey.me

Ryan Anthony