Voice indication obscured

This is a small thing, but perhaps there is an easy solution. For pitches that lie just below the staff - on the space or first ledger line - if there is an accidental, it covers the Voice indication. I have to zoom in to see the up or down notehead to make certain I am inputting into the correct voice. Not a huge issue, as there are only a handful of pitches (depending on the clef) where this crops up. I can get around it, but wonder if this has come up before? I did a search, but the terms are so general that I could not find if this has been raised before.

Voice is indicated in the bottom lefthand corner if you cannot see it in the doc itself.

(Just checked again and have to admit that there are conditions under which no indication appears at the bottom where the next pitch input will fall.)

Derek - yes, and that is fine if there are only two voices in play. I know I can see which is selected, but in terms of cycling through which voice I wish to invoke, then the problem arises. If the cursor indicated “this is the voice that will be entered,” it would solve the problem; but then all the info on the selected voice would be lost, so…

But thanks for the reminder about the info - I do see and use it, but I am sure it will help anyone else who stumbles onto the thread!

Yes, I have just discovered that.A “next pitch entered will be…” indication at the bottom would be helpful in those situation when accidentals obscure that part of the cursor/caret.

Well, if nothing else, it reinforces the idea that one should never, ever write notes below the staff…;>) It would make my students happy, at least!