Voice input

This is a question about possibly inputting notes by voice command, not about inputting voices!!

I have so little space it’s hard for me to even get a MIDI keyboard on the desk. It occurred to me that it may be good for the New Complexity scores that I do with billions of notes to enter them by voice. Sometimes I find it tedious to enter by keyboard, especially with this music every note has a different accidental often.

Is there any such possibility? I am happy to be told I am completely silly! :slight_smile:

There’s no built-in way to do this in Dorico, but I wonder whether it would be possible to use some third-party software to speak the required key commands. I don’t recall any other users discussing this so I don’t think there’s any existing discussion I can point you towards.

I know it’s a fairly stupid idea, but it has just been running through my mind. There may be some sort of accessibility program for Windows somewhere.

Both, Mac and Win have built-in speech recognition software. Mac works quite well but the Windows one is not so good in my opinion. And then there are quite a few 3rd party vendors.
You need to try it out and find yourself if they are worth using together with Dorico.