Voice Machine on Windows 7 64bit

Has anyone figured how to install Voice Machine on W7 64? I’ve tried copying the installer to the desktop and running it in Compatibility mode to no avail.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m looking for a solution for this problem, too, please.

Me, three

I haven’t got this myself. But here’s what I’d try:

Is the install file a Microsoft Windows Installer file (.msi)? Then try the administrative install mode: msiexec /a install.msi

If it’s an exe file, try decompressing with the freeware UniExtract utility.

Or you could install it in the virtual Windows XP mode and then copy the .dll files to your vstplugins folder.


The installer is a 16bit exe
The dlls alone dont work without the installer authorizing Voice machine, whatever it does.

If there ain’t a way to get Voice Machine installed on a modern system: What would be a good replacement plug-in? Especially for the Generator.

maybe use jbridge?

How would you use jBridge when you can’t even install the plug-in?

Nope, no way to get Voice Machine working on Win 7. I’ve had to install a Win XP Virtual machine on my W7-64 system to be able to use it.

maybe the installer is the culprit … you could also try the free Kerovee plugin, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esm4qU5fGlg, it’s a similar thing, but you’ll need jBridge for the 64bit conversion.

let it make a 64bit version of it, it works in Cubase 8 64 bit that way, but i think Kerovee is a better choice anyway. -F