voice machine, waldorf ppg & attack on w 7 ?

Hi there ! I get self authorizing cd’s of voice machine, ppg & attack, but none of them wants to install on w7 64 ? Any idea ?

Will not always work on a DVD drive due to a driver change in W7, have an old CD drive lying around ?

My Voice Machine CD/DVD IS readable.

However, the installer is 16bit, which doesn’t run on Win7x64.
I tried using Virtual XPx32 on x64, which worked, the dlls are already x32. I copied the dlls over to x64 BUT the copy protection won’t work, because the dlls are installed on “another” machine, namely the vXPx32…

I contacted one of the developers already, but he can’t help anymore… Either Steinberg provides a x32 installer, or we’re lost…

(There was a thread about the waldorf stuff, about a registry hack, google for it. VM copy protection however won’t work)

Readability is not the problem. The problem is that on a number of Plugins (Plex for instance) from Steinberg used a simple copy protection that utilised non-standard pitting on the CD, the data on the disk reads fine on a DVD drive, the copy protection bit does not since it is non-conforming (Worked on a DVD drive under XP but not on Vista32 or 64) , so the installer would assume the CD you are installing from is a CD-R copy and refuse to authorise. They install fine apart from that bit. Since most old Steinberg plugins are now downloadable (including Plex from a third party) mostly a moot point.

I installed the Waldorf package including the PPG and Attack plugins the original poster was asking about on my Win764b from a CD drive, no go from a DVD drive, no 16 bit code in sight.

If you hit upon a 16 bit third party installer it should be possible to unpack it using a more modern version of the installer or one of the installing unpacking utilities found on the net

It installed on Virtual XP x32 on Win7 x64. I believe it authorized as well on virtual XP using vsthost. Its the 16bit installer which doesn’t run on Win7x64.

I tried repackaging, but I’m no win developer and failed.

Check out my post in this thread. It might help you but it does involve a registry tweak. Worked for me for some of the early Steinberg stuff. Good luck!

If you contact waldorf they may be able to help you with Attack and PPG.

I emailed them as I had the same issue and they emailed me a link to a new installer which works fine on W7 with no hack or issues.

That’s great from Waldorf!

I emailed a developer of voice machine but he couldn’t help.

Who is responsible for voice machine?