voice notation without ties

If you’re trying to force the duration of the notes with no ties:

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If you’ve got access to Notation Options (Dorico Pro, Elements, and iPad subscription) you could always try checking whether any of the options on the Note Grouping page mean that Dorico won’t produce as many ties by default, to reduce the number of notes whose duration you’d need to force manually.

Another option is to specify the beat grouping you want in the time signature, but you can’t have fractions so your time signature here would need to be 18/8, but entering [1+2+1+2+2+1+2+1+2+2+2]/8 into the time signatures popover (to group into those beats). Depending on how long this extract/piece is, you could always do that from the 2nd bar and hide the time signature – or do that from the beginning and hide the time signature, if you don’t particularly want to show 9/4? The real benefit of this method comes when you have multiple staves and quite a few bars of this pattern, so if this is only a short excerpt, Force Duration could well be quickest.

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Thank you very much I just solved the promblem ! [ 2+2+2+3]/4