Voice recording sound has changed

Hello all.

The quality of my voice recordings has changed considerably. It used to be crisp and sound like a normal speaking voice. However now it sounds thick, almost like there’s reverb on it, even when I start a new Cubase project.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this? Settings on Interface remain the same.

Thank you.


Make sure, there are no plug-ins on the track involved, neither Channel Strip effects, please.

As Martin says, but be sure to include inserts on the input as well as channel, groups and output.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your response. I’ve been on holiday, apologies for delay.

Excuse my ignorance but I’ve no idea where to look for such plugins. I’m still a novice at this. As I say I haven’t edited or added anything in and it’s not clear where I would look.

I can send screenshots should you need to look at anything in particular.

Thanks very much.


You can find them in the Inspector of Project window, under the Insert tab. Then you can see the plug-ins of the currently selected track. Or you can find them in the MixConsole, under the Inserts tab.

And the Channel Strip plug-ins, you can either find under the Strip tab in the Project window, Strip tab in the Mix Console or the Channel Settings window.

Pasting a screen shot of your Mixer setup for the recording/voice channels, and also of the ASIO control panel for your device in the Studio Setup preferences, could potentially help.

Hello thanks for you continued support. Attached are some more screenshots that might be helpful.

One thing I did notice is that the left green bar I’ve circled in the mix window remains constant. I don’t recall this happening prior to the recent issue.


Either there is signal (noise) coming to your 1st input or you are using any plugin, generate the signal at one of the track. We can see only few Insert slots, but there are 16 Insert slots.

As I can see, the oral at the Unit is -13, the oral on the Audio track is equal to the output: -16. So I would double check the Audio track.