Voice swapping? Quick method to change voice?


I accidentally wrote a melody intended for the first voice BLUE but I have just realized that it is in RED (indicating the second voice). Fortunately I have the VIEW on voice colors so that this alerts me to this issue which I over looked while I was busy typing in the music.

So my question is, rather than deleting this bar entirely and then having to retyping it all the music again so that it is converted back to the proper BLUE voice, does Dorico offer a quick solution to immediately return this music to voice one (BLUE) with a click of a button?
The “VOICE SWAP ORDER” feature with the pop down menu from “STEM” did not work.

Any solutions would be most helpful indeed.

Not possible yet, but most certainly forthcoming…

I am afraid these things with voices are not available yet… we have to wait :wink:

Thank you Fratveio and Marc- Its good to know either way!

Looking forward to this in due course… :slight_smile: