Voices Delayed in Playback - How to Fix?

I am arranging a song for piano and SATB and in playback mode (Play) the voices are noticeably delayed from the piano part. How can I fix this?

Here’s the background:

-Scanned a piece of vintage sheet music using PlayScore 2
-Imported into Dorico as a MusicXML file, which created a score for piano and one part.
-Added SATB and began arranging
-Hit Play to hear my work and playback occurred with the problem described.


That’s likely because the voices have a gradual attack, which the piano does not have. You will probably find the solution is to replace your current vocal sounds with other vocal or instrument sounds that have a less gradual attack.

Is it possible to change the shape of the voice attack?

yes, but it looks like all the default Halion SE voice samples have a long attack time (relative to a piano) that can’t be reduced (they are tagged “slow-attack”). Try GM053 and slide the amp-attack all the way negative; it’s a little better.

Or try NotePerformer.