Voices for better readability

Hi, please help me with the voices… I´m getting cracy :()

On the pictures below you see a part of my composition. I wanna work with voices, so that there aren´t so many note on top of each other… one quarter (instead of the 4 sixtenth) for the Ab and also for B
(Picture 1)

so I selected them & copied them
(Picture 2)

and clicked shift V for the next layer (Picture 3)

and inserted them to the next layer, but this is what happend:
(Picture 4)

and if I draw them again (I would really prefer copy and paste) one Ab gets lost.
(Picture 5)

What am I doing wrong?

If you use the regular paste command (Ctrl/Cmd-V), Dorico pastes into whichever voice the note is already in. Unless you have Quord mode on, it’s quite likely a Paste operation will replace whatever’s already in that voice at that rhythmic position (or following overlapping rhythmic positions).

There is a separate Paste Into Voice command to which you can assign a key command, if you wish - this will respect whatever voice the caret is in.

There are also Change Voice commands on the Edit/right-click > Voices menu, and Paste Into Voice commands at Edit > Paste Special.

If you want to thin things out and keep them in the same voice, there are also useful commands at Write > Edit Duration, e.g. Shorten To Next Note, which effectively removes overlaps if you select a passage like yours.

Thanks to your help, I found this video,… and recognized there is something missing in the german version… is this possible??
If I go to (translated in english) “paste special”, there are just “move to…” and “duplicate” to… no “paste into Voice”, "reduce or explode… has this something to do with the elementsVersion?

this video

You don’t need to copy and paste into new voices. Use the change voice as @pianoleo suggested.

Just select a note and move it to a new voice. Edit->voices->change voice->new up/down voice (or use the right-click context menu, where voices is the bottom entry. It is more convenient).

I didn’t realise you’re on Elements. This is an Elements limitation rather than a German translation problem - you don’t get the extra Paste Special commands. Edit > Voices > Change Voice is there, though.

Now i got it! Thank you both very much, move it to a new voice . Edit->voices->change voice->new up/down voice helps alot!

Quordcracy :crown: :notes:

Yes, I am :wink: