Voices lost in paste special

When I paste a section containing more than one voice from one staff to another, the voice settings are lost and all the voices are combined into one voice. Of course I can fix this manually, but it would be nice if, for example, Duplicate to Staff Below maintained the voices already organized.

In these cases you can go the traditional way: select and copy the source staff, then select the target staff and paste. This will retain the voicing.

Or select and alt click to new stave.

Thanks, good suggestions.

Out of curiosity, I found that the following procedure works:

  1. Make the selection and filter it to select only Down-stem Voice 1
  2. Duplicate to Staff Below and, while the duplicated notes are still selected, change the notes to Down-stem Voice 1
  3. Make the selection on the original staff and filter it to select only Up-stem Voice 1
  4. Duplicate to Staff Below

The result should have the two voices separated on the target staff.

If the procedure is tried with Up-stem Voice 1 being operated on first, followed by Down-stem Voice 1, the results are the same as you experienced when you selected them all and used Duplicate to Staff Below, ie all the notes are placed into Up-stem Voice 1.

Of course, what I did has many more steps and takes a lot longer, but I was interested to find out what worked and what didn’t.

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