Voices shift out of sync with each other

Using Insert I changed the first two quarter note chords shown in the first upload to half notes. But then, starting at measure 7, some voices get out of sync and stay out of sync for the duration of the piece (see second upload). How can I insert music and shift all the voices in subsequent measures so they stay in sync?

Doc1.pdf (98.2 KB)
Doc2.pdf (96.6 KB)

Are the voices that have shifted the same voice?

FYI it’s much more useful to attach a project than a PDF

Have you check that the scope is correct?

Hello Bruce, can you make the voices off your piece visible? It would be easier to see what is going on; or better though upload your project here.
Insert Mode has it’s traps, so if one isn’t 100% familiar with the scope modes it is sometimes better (instead of shifting notes) to cut and paste to the new location.

I’m not familiar with scopes or with how to create or upload a project but I can say that yes, the problem starts in measure 8 when a new voice is added in the treble clef (down-stem voice 1). Through measure 7 all notes are up-stem voice 1. Throughout the piece additional voices are added; there are about eight different voices active.


Bruce, there is an option under the View Menu to make the voices visible, then we could see, what is going on…
And, once the voice colours are visible, you will be able to move the out of synch voices back to their original place (with the help of Insert Mode). First you have to see the coloured voices though…
ps: when you answer to one of our messages, you can just drag your file into the text area of your message, it will upload automatically.

Hi Bruce, have a look at the post below, particularly point number 4, for how to upload a project etc:

And also, did you have a read of my link about Insert Scopes? Did it shed any light?

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Thank you all for your help. I now understand more about how voices and scope can work together. Using “Global Adjustment of Current Bar” fixed the problem I was having. And using the View Menu option to make the voices visible helped me see that I can be more parsimonious in my use of voices in the future.

Note that regarding voices, V switches to the next voice (and cycles through all voices), while Shift+V creates a new voice. If you’ve created several voices (i.e., more than one upstem and one downstem), they will shift sideways to make space for the extra voices to be independent. You will rarely need more than two active voices in most music (with the exception of some Bach contrapuntal organ music, and occasionally piano as well).

Get in the habit of creating the fewest number of voices needed to accomplish what you want - things will line up appropriately. If it is an XML import, the voices created can get pretty wonky. Turn on voice colors (View) to see exactly what is going on. Remember too that you can easily change voices by right-clicking on notes and following the menu options (Windows).


Thank you for the additional information.