Vol. adjust mistakes

Group Tracks have that grey line (corresponding to vol) stretching across the length of the project display.
When working quickly, from time to time I mis-click somewhere on one of these grey lines and drag it up or down placing an automation-style-point in the project.
Neither Ctrl-Z nor Alt-Z return the value selected by mistake to its last position.
That truly makes no sense to me.
If I grab the fader and move it, then hit Alt-Z = no problemo, back to the last value.

Of course you can obviously listen and balance your track again…but when nearing completion on a big project and those .25 or .5 dbs make a difference, it can be very annoying when this happens.
Does anyone else have this happen to them?

The only thing you can do is being more careful. If there was an automation point already set the cursor to a position with the right value then hit ctrl + z. If not, Cubase won’t undo it.

I have the habbit to save often, in case this happens to me (it does), I can go back to a previous project and look for the level I had. Would indeed be much better, if undo would work here.

On my pc the “lock automation” setting is always visible on group tracks. So after creating one i click the Lock-Icon (orange) and the problem is gone :slight_smile:
Hope this helps
Cubase Lock Automation.PNG

Great idea, never thought of it!

also works with send effects :slight_smile:

superb idea. implemented immediately.