volume and Driver problems!

It all started when i connected my new monitors (Kali lp6) to my UR22MK2 AI…
I pluged my guitar and i i could hear her just fine.
but when im recording audio, im losng 2\3 of the volume!!
so i installed the latest drivers and started to get this issue: “throw regopenkeyex in copy estimated size”
then i couldnt uninstall the driver, and got the same message.
using windows program ive uninstalled the driver
then installed again getting the same message
then uninstalling cubase entirely
tryiung different drivers
switched cables
nothing worked
and now cubase wont connect to my UR22MK2 at all!!!

Do you have the latest version of the elicenser software? That messed it up for me in much the same way (if I remeber correctly) so you might want to check that.

About the sound, I don’r really understand where you are losing the volume? Is the recorded level lower than the play back level? How is the mix knob set? Do you listen through cubase or through the soundcard?

I do have the latest version of elicenser
and the mix knobs are just fine…
im listening through the UR22MK2
please help