Volume and gradual fade in MIDI

I need to be able to gradually fade in and out my MIDI track, but I cannot do that using the velocity controls in the key editor because it effects the action. How do I create a gradual fade in?? easiest would be to bounce the MIDI to an audio file I would think but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Is the some kind of volume track I can use to easily control the volume of my entire project? I want the ability to fade in certain parts and then get louder or quieter certain points, then maybe stay at the same volume, flexibility like that is what I need.


If you put your vsti in the rack you can assign an output to your instrument. It shows up in the mixer, use it to fade.
If you use an instrument track, you have the fader right away.

Are you triggering outboard hardware with the midi track, or is all the sound ‘in the box’?
If the latter, you can just automate the volume on the tracks in Cubase that output your signals, or if you want a global fade in/out you can also automate the master fader.
If you’re triggering hardware instruments though, then you’ll need to record them first. (Some units may have a MIDI CC assigned to output volume, you’ll have to check the manual for your device for that.)