Volume at Launch always full blast

Hi all, new Cubase user here. Moved from Logic Pro X. I’m in 8 Pro and everytime I launch a project, the volume is set to FULL BLAST. I’m in OSX 10.9.2 using a Apogee Duet.

Totally forgot about it this morning and damn near blew my ADAMS monitors cones out.

This has never happened in Logic or Live or Soundblade. Any help how to remedy this appreciated. I’ve looked and googled and searched here, but coming up empty.


Just a friendly suggestion: get yourself an analog volume control between your DAW and your speakers and calibrate your monitoring system not be too loud with 0dBfs signals. You never know when your computer goes berserk and starts outputting 0dBfs square wave.


Actually my monitor system was checked today. And it works perfect in Logic Pro X. But Cubase, everytime I start it up my volume goes FULL BLAST. There’s nothing wrong with my Duet or Monitors. This seems to be a Cubase problem. I even had a bud come over and install Pro Tools 11, just to see if it does this full blast sound. It didn’t

Also, everytime I close Cubase 8… it just crashes. I’m on Artist 8 and I have the Pro 8 demo period. Wouldn’t mind upgrading to it. But not if these problems can’t be fixed.

Thanks for any helpful tips or links