Volume automation and sampler questions

Good morning to all!

I got two questions:

  1. When I do volume automation I draw a curve below the track, in its automation track. Then, during mixing I understand that I want to increase/decrease the overall volume of the track a bit. But fader doesn’t allow me to do that, as it follows the automation. What I want is to change the volume a bit (as easy as with with one move of the fader up/down), with all automation done before but just changed relatively to a new track volume. Is it possible to do without selecting the whole automation curve and moving it?

  2. I want to record some short audio and then to use it as a sample. I understand that I can trigger the recorded file the same way I trigger sounds of the drums samples via Groove Agent One. But the thing is that I want the sample to be able to vary its pitch when I play different keys on my keyboard or draw it graphically in the midi-editor. What’s the easiest way to do this?

Thank you for attention (and I hope that for replies as well) :slight_smile:


  1. You can select whole automation track, and move it up little bit. Or, you can find the Input Gain knob in the Mixer window, and change the volume here. Or, you can insert any effect with the Volume knom, and increse the value here.

  2. There is no sampler in the Cubase. You have to use 3rd party sampler (NI Kontakt for example, or Steinberg HALion 4).


I see, thanks a lot!