Volume automation and waveform displayed in the same lane in Cubase Elements 10?

I expect this has been answered, but my noobishness must be causing me to use the wrong terms to search for, because I’ve not found the answer yet.

In Cubase Elements 10 (v10.0.30), how can I get the volume automation and waveform to display in the same lane? (Doesn’t matter to me if the waveform is displayed in the volume automation lane, or if the volume automation line is displayed over the waveform in the main lane for the track, I just want to see them on top of each other while I’m clicking and dragging to automate volume adjustments.)

I’ve found how to do it via the Automation Panel in Pro, but not how to do it in Elements 10. (Seems like it would be a silly and inconsequential thing to require an upgrade to Pro for, so I’m hoping there’s a way to it in Elements 10 that I’m just not finding. )

Might someone be so kind as to point me to it, or at least confirm that it does require an upgrade to Pro to see volume automation and waveform in the same lane?

When you open automation lane there should be audio waveform in the background behind the automation lane.
Don’t know if this is by default or has to be enabled in preferences

Looks like the automation panel is not available in Cubase Elements.

Thanks, @esoniq_ts10. There’s not a waveform in the background behind the automation lane. Hence the question. What I’m wanting to know is where in preferences the option is found.

Thanks @GiovanniB, Yes that’s correct. That’s what I was referring to when I said “I’ve found how to do it via the Automation Panel in Pro, but not how to do it in Elements 10.” The absence of the automation panel is not definitive for the absence of options found in it, afaik. Lots of options found in the Automation Panel are available via other menus in versions other than Pro. It appears to primarily be a way to access automation options in a single panel, with a few extra goodies thrown in (or i’m just completely misreading http://bit.ly/2PAvIa3, which is possible, I’m quite a noob at this.)

I either dreamt it, or I’ve actually made volume automation and a waveform appear in the same lane at some point without realizing how (accidental key combo maybe?) so I’m hoping someone will come along who knows where the option for it is found in Elements 10, or who can confirm that the option is not found somewhere else in Elements 10 (I know there’s no automation panel in Elements 10, but there’s a lot of automation in Elements 10 without the Pro “Automation Panel”, so I’m hoping the option is hidden elsewhere, or someone can confirm for me for certain that I’m searching for a Holy Grail that is not to be found. Because rabbit stew.)

The method is… select the pencil tool … hold down ALT (or equivalent) and drawn on the waveform itself from the Arrangement Window.

The only downside is, you can only automate volume this way, no other parameters that I’m aware of.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That just draws an amplitude envelope on the event, right? That’s not the same thing as volume automation.

slshults, maybe you’re remembering seeing an amplitude envelope instead of automation?

Thanks @xsessiv, but what @GlennO said.

@GlennO, alas, no. (Good thought though, I had to go look at it to be sure.)